Currently in Åhus, Sweden:

Get ready for the Akademi Pro pre-release

It’s here. We’re (kind of) ready. And we are very excited to welcome you. Your mission,
if you choose to accept, is to make sure that the recently upgraded Akademi Pro is the
all-singing, all-dancing, ultimate brand experience we want it to be.

For the influencer. The aficionado. The outright professional who knows who put the espresso in martini. Get ready for three unforgettable days of discovery and distillation at the very cool and very Swedish Akademi Pro. This is a world-class brand education, where you’ll be treated like vodka royalty as you’re taken from bar to bistro to brand home, from southern Sweden to stylish Stockholm.

Delivered and designed by bartenders, each day is filled with stories of production, history and the ambitions of the colourful characters that have made Absolut what it is today. Hear the Story of Absolut and get a complete run down of vodka production, One Source, Absolut Elyx, and learn about the latest industry innovations and trends. Your glass will rarely be empty and your senses will be full with carefully crafted cocktails, vodka tastings and elite masterclasses.

And now for something Swedish

The Swedes are a fashion conscious breed and you should bring something suave for Stockholm. We’ll be drinking and dining in some of the city’s best venues, so feel free to bust out your cravats and shiny shoes. You’ll also be taking part in an informal cocktail competition where you’ll be asked to dress to represent your bar. Feel free to bring your favourite piece of bar kit too.

The weather is still fairly mild at this time of year but it can be rainy and the temperatures are starting to drop. Basically, we’re past flip-flop and shorts season so bring a raincoat and you should be fine and dandy.

You won't be needing much money but if you fancied picking up an ACNE suit or some fish eggs in a tube then be sure to bring some Swedish Krona. If you arrive with a pocket full of Euros, we will almost definitely mock you for it.

Meet the Akademi Pro team

Bex Almqvist

The Absolut Diva herself, Bex has been mixing drinks since 2000 and spent 10 years dominating the bar scene in London. She now spends her time ticking off bucket list experiences whilst working for the worlds largest local vodka brand.

Ben Reed

Global cocktail ambassador, author, walking drinks encyclopedia and general good bloke, Ben is famous for inventing the Pineapple Martini, and a few other things that we don’t care to mention here.

Any questions?

If you need to find out more then drop Bex a line here: